Terms of Use

General terms

 To take advantage of our services, you must agree to the general terms and conditions of use of our site, represented by "Damakra Company", VAT: BG202567738.

These Terms and Conditions are fully compliant with the Electronic Commerce Act and the Consumer Protection Act.


   1. "Consumer" means any natural person who acquires goods or services that are not intended to engage in commercial or professional activity and any natural person outside of his trade or profession.

    2."Merchant" means any natural or legal person who sells or offers for sale goods, provides services or concludes a contract with a consumer as part of his commercial or professional activity in the public or private sector as well as any person acting on his behalf name and on his account.

   3. "Goods" means a product of a work activity which is intended for consumption or may be used by the consumer, even if not intended for the consumer, and which is supplied or made available in the course of a commercial activity, whether offered for remuneration, or free of charge, and whether it is new, used or upgraded.

   4. "Packaging" means containers and any other fittings or materials which are capable of performing the function of containing and storing different goods directly offered to consumers.

Rights and Obligations of the User

The user has the right to view, order and receive the Goods from the damakra.com Internet shop under the terms and conditions set forth therein.

The user has the right to be informed about the status of his Orders.

The user has the right to deliver the requested Goods / Goods to the specified delivery address, upon confirmation by phone or e-mail from us.

The consumer is obliged to pay the price of the goods he has ordered, to pay for the delivery costs, except in the cases when the Delivery costs remain at the expense of the Supplier, as well as to receive the goods

In order to shop at damakra.com, a password and e-mail or recipient's name, email, telephone, and shipping address are required. Registration is completely free and is done by filling in the registration form. The user must provide the required and correct data and, if there is any change, notify the site administrator by email or telephone within seven days.

By signing up for the site, the User agrees to the Terms of Service and from this time he can take advantage of and make requests to buy goods from damakra.com

The user is obliged to observe the Bulgarian legislation, the present Terms and Conditions, the Internet ethics, the rules of morality and good manners;


Rights and Obligations of the Supplier "Damakra Company".


 1. The supplier must provide the following information in good time to the consumer:

- the name and address of the supplier,

- the essential characteristics of the goods or services;

- the price of the goods or services including all taxes and charges;

- the cost of the postal or transport costs not included in the price of the goods or services relating to their delivery,

- the value of using the means of distance communication when it is calculated in a manner different from that indicated in the basic tariff;

- the method of payment, delivery and performance of the service;

- the consumer's right to renounce the purchase and the conditions under which the goods can be returned or the service refused

- the period for which the offer or price made remains valid;

 2. The Provider guarantees to its Users the confidentiality of the provided information and personal data. The latter will not be used, disclosed or brought to the attention of third parties except in the circumstances and under the conditions set forth in these General Terms and Conditions.

  3. When the Supplier is unable to fulfill his obligations to sell because he does not have the goods and services ordered, he shall be obliged to notify the consumer and reimburse the amounts paid by him within 30 days from the date on which the supplier had to fulfill the obligation.

 4. The supplier shall be obliged to provide the service not later than 30 days from the date following clients order to the supplier by means of distance communication unless the parties have agreed a different delivery period.

"Damakra" may, at any time, deem it necessary to change or terminate all or part of these General Terms and Conditions.

"Damakra Company" reserves the right to suspend or change the services offered on the site.


The parties declare that when any provision of these Terms and Conditions is inconsistent with the law, this will not lead to the invalidity of the contract. The invalid clause will be replaced by the mandatory rules of the law or the established practice. The Bulgarian legislation applies to the conditions not regulated here.

Site ownership and copyright.

This site is owned by "Damakra Company" The user may not modify, delete, reproduce, copy and license the content, design, structure, and information on the site, or sell or resell information, software, products or services received by, or through the website of "Damakra Company"

Anything on or on this site is the exclusive property of Damakra Company" It may be used with an express written permission Any breach of the above conditions is a basis for seeking the appropriate liability under the Copyright and Related Rights Act.

In the case of technical problems or malicious actions against the system, damakra.com owners have the right to suspend orders and execute the requests on the site.

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